Brand Recognition

Group Logo

Group's new logo "GREAT", font design restrained, very contemporary, full of vitality and enhance the brand reputation, loyalty, recognition, affinity, transmission power; in the simple style of the brand's international quality, in line with Asia's leading diversified fashion group brand vision and our brand core values "to win resources, creating cited lifestyle".

Logo standard color

Red, red light is the longest light wave in the visible spectrum with a strong degree of visual memory, it is a symbol of excitement and joy, making it the most powerful propaganda color. If use to decorate the sale of goods, it can become the best-selling color. It is a symbol of vitality, fashion, passion, and also a powerful appeal of the industry and team cohesion; while secondary color, black gives a noble and steady feeling.

Contrast of red and black, resulting Great Group brand’s character is clearly visible, inclusive of the lifestyle advocated by sub-brand products.

The shape of the Logo is firmed, generous and coexists with fashion sense, respectively forebode the brightening prospects of Great Group and wide space for progressing, highlighting the main characteristics of the industry.